Louis XVI Cabinets

Chest of drawers Dresden

Nr. 1914

Dresden dresser cabinet
In the finest quality and masterly workmanship.
Louis Seize, Dresden around 1780

Walnut veneered on a softwood body with fine inlays in plum, boxwood and maple and ebonized pearwood. Two-part body - sliding panel inside - 5 secret drawers behind.
A finely carved walnut gallery forms the upper end.

Height: 215 cm | Width: 120 cm | Depth: 63 cm

Original fittings and locks, original state of preservation, wonderful patina, lined with ivory-colored moirée on the inside.
The typical tectonic basic elements of Louis Seize find their unsurpassed charisma in precision and beauty in this furniture - the coin decoration, the cord frieze, the inlays in correspondence with the fine, original fire-gilded fittings - a work of art!

Compare: Gisela Haase "Dresdner Möbel"

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