Vintage lamps

Kalmar ceiling lamp


Square ceiling lamp from Kalmar in frosted ice glass.

Austria  around 1960.

A total of 24 panes of glass and  20 light sources.

Height: 33 cm| Width: 63 cm | Depth: 63 cm.

There are also three triple lamps and a single ice glass lamp from Kalmar.

The Austrian designer and entrepreneur Julius Theodor (J.T.) Kalmar was born in Vienna in 1884. As the son of Julius August Kalmar - founder of the company of the same name, which specialized in candlesticks and other cast bronze objects - Kalmar gained extensive design experience at an early age. He went to the Birmingham School of Art and studied at the Vienna University of Applied Arts under the Vienna Secession architect Josef Hoffmann  (1870 - 1956).

In 1906 Kalmar joined his father's company, which he took over in 1913. A strong supporter of the Arts & Crafts movement, Kalmar led the company away from the eclecticism of the late 19th century. Kalmar's design aesthetic featured an integration of form and function, and a blend of classic tradition and forward-thinking innovation. In the 1920s  his designs dominated the influential avant-garde furniture store Haus & Garten, founded by famous architects Josef Frank (1885 - 1967) and Oskar Wlach (1881 - 1963).

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