Bronzes and sculptures

Bronze of a warrior, signed: "V. Bugler"


Male half-nude as a warrior

Victor Bugler, German   around 1910.

Burnished bronze on a marble base.

Signed: “V.Bugler” and foundry mark “Echte Bronze”.

Provenance: private collection, Hessen

Height: 26.5 cm | Width: 6 cm | Depth: 7 cm

Victor Bugler, archer around 1910, signed, stamped "Real bronze in a circle, bronze with dark patina, male nude covered only by a fig leaf in shooting position, the head covered by a Roman helmet decorated with laurel relief, on a square, naturalistically designed plinth a base made of garnet serpentine, patina partially with small signs of age, artist information: sculptors of the 19th / 20th century Source: Internet.

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