Lyre desk

Nr: 1815

Classicist music room table

Southern Germany around 1815.

Cherry, walnut and ebonized pear wood veneered on a softwood body. A drawer to accommodate the notes. Work surface of the cover plate in walnut wood - three raised ebonized strips indicate a work table. The elaborately carved rods on the sides in an ebonized pear tree framed by cherry tree arches represent the lyre - also known as the harp - popular in classicism. Taken from antiquity, these tables were often placed in music rooms and were used to store and write notes. The continuous drawer and the non-existent interior therefore exclude a sewing table. The small, very beautiful table therefore only has three raised and black colored upright strips so that the leaves cannot fall off. Original and carefully restored in all parts - a collector's item and a great pleasure for every lover of small furniture.

Height: 76 cm | Width: 65 cm | Depth: 41 cm

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