Biedermeier Secretaris

Petite Biedermeier secretary in wild cherry



Delicate Biedermeier cherry tree secretary

Munich / Southern Germany  around 1820.

Veneered in wild cherry on a softwood body.

Inside with blackened writing surface and secret drawers.

The piece of furniture was extensively restored in the 1990s for DM 4,800 - but over the decades it has had drying cracks on the sides and on the top panel caused by underfloor heating.

But since it is a very nice piece of furniture, I am offering it at this low price for a hobby restorer or collector. You can also leave the condition as it is - all functions are perfect and it is really a very nice piece of furniture.

Height: 152.5 cm| Width: 86 cm | Depth:44.5cm| 96 cm


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