Biedermeier Secretaris

Museum-quality Biedermeier cherry tree secretary

Nr. 2016

Museum-quality Biedermeier cherry tree secretary

Central German around 1820.

Cherry wood, mahogany, maple and ebonized pear wood veneered on a pine body.

Masterful furniture with various secret drawers, secret mechanisms and an integrated standing desk.

Wonderful continuous veneer pattern.

Original fittings in pressed brass sheet as well as original finely chiselled capitals and bases.

A masterpiece of the early Biedermeier era.

Height: 165 cm | Width: 118 cm | Depth: 64 cm

Note: The uniform light blonde color of the cherry wood allows conclusions to be drawn about the nature of the floor and thus the provenance of the furniture: Central Germany, Thuringia and the area around Weimar and Gotha had the floor or the nature of the earth for this particularly light type of cherry wood .

The particularly beautiful structure of the veneer pattern was with the selected blind wood on which the cherry wood was veneered - in this case pine - one of the most important criteria for a particularly valuable piece of furniture.

The secret compartment in the lid, the pull-out standing desk as well as the spring mechanisms and fittings allow this rare secretary to be called a "masterpiece". Another indication of a masterpiece is the inkwell, which protrudes when the capital of the column above is pressed and turned at the same time.

The so-called "compartment", the space left between the little drawers inside, is finely inlaid in maple and mahogany and parquet floored and, with its mirrored refuge, is reminiscent of a ballroom flanked by columns.

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