Biedermeier Seatings

Biedermeier-Chairs,, Hessen around 1815

No: 1038

Walnut and birch curl veneers on beechbody.
ebonized edges, horsehair upholstery,horsehair relation.
Rear legs easily issued.

Seat height: 45 cm (17,72 inches) | whole: 89,5 cm (35,24 inches) | width: 44 cm (17,32 inches) | depth: 51 cm (20,08 inches)

The style of the Biedermeier period is coined by simplicity and straightness. As the last phase of classicism this epoch of the antiquity uses influenced ornaments like columns and capitals .Moreover, gilt ornaments are used temporarily.
For pieces of furniture often home wood isused because of the restriction of the commercial possibilities and transport possibilities. The cherry tree wood particularly used in Central German and South German space is virtually typical for the ideal of Biedermeier period pieces of furniture. The specific feature of this wood is the excellent polishability by the fine pored surface. Besides, cherry tree with his mostly reddish-yellow colour provides a warm colour feeling and owns an interesting grain.

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