Biedermeier Seatings

4 Museale chairs attributed to Klinckerfuß

No: 1505

Set of 4 museum chairs

Classicism around 1795
Attributed to Johannes Klinckerfuss (1770 - 1831)

Solid cherrywood veneered with carved fine bows and small balls under the legs. Fine band inlays in mahogany.
Shellac hand polish - authentic original condition!
Rosshaarpolster and Rosshaarbezug.
Height: 87 cm | Seat height: 47 cm | Width: 48cm | Depth: 43 cm
Literature comparison: Wolfgang Wiese "Johannes Klinckerfuß"
For furniture, local woods are often used because of the restriction of trade and transportation. The cherry wood used especially in central and southern Germany is almost ideal for Biedermeier furniture. The peculiarity of this wood is the excellent polishability through the fine-pored surface. In addition, cherry tree with its usually reddish-yellow color gives a warm color feeling and has an interesting grain.

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