Baroque Cabinets

Tabernacle article cupboard, Austria, baroque around 1740-1760 - SOLD

No: 788

Walnut, walnut-tree root wood, maple, plum, birch curl and coloured moor oak veneers on softwood body.
Tape inlaid works in plum, frames from fine thread inserts in maple.
Tabernakeltüre with brass castle and on the sides device for the central locking.

Height: 195 cm (76,77 inches) | width: 135 cm (53,15 inches) | depth: 68 cm (26,77 inches)

Original castles and original, fire-gilt fittings.

The piece of furniture fascinates by his well-proportioned construction, his veneer picture and the rich marquetry.
The piece of furniture introduced here probably served as a sort of sideboard; one in construction, Proportionierung and the wealth of the marquetry typical piece of furniture of the höfischen Viennese Late – baroque.


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